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Zhejiang finishes ahead of schedule the new round agricultural network to transform the upgrade project

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3014 core village power supply reliability compares favorably with the urban level

On September 27, reporter learned from the country network Zhejiang Province Electricity company media ventilation meeting that the national electrical network and the provincial government unite the release the new round agricultural network to transform the upgrade project “two year fortification fight” to finish ahead of time in Zhejiang. After completing entire province 3014 core villages the electrical network transforms the upgrade task/role, at present Zhejiang transforms in the area the core village electrical network power supply reliability to reach 99.931%, the annual mean power cut time is 6 hours, the far ultra national agriculture network average level, may with the national majority of city level setoff.

The electrical network is advances the agriculture modernization development, speeds up the new urbanization and the new rural reconstruction, promotes the farmer luck society important basis facility and the condition. at the beginning of 2016, the Central Party Committee, the State Council proposed in “45” period must implement the new round countryside electrical network to transform the upgrade project, further reduces the city and countryside collective services difference.

The Zhejiang government has taken the city and countryside development the integration, as early as had released in 2005 plans the city and countryside development to advance the city and countryside integration summary, proposed that plans the city and countryside industrial development, plans the city and countryside infrastructural facilities and so on key task, the advancement new urbanization and the beautiful village construction. According to the National Electrical network Company overall strategic plan, the country network Zhejiang electric power unifies the Zhejiang beautiful village construction, small cities work and so on conditions comprehensive improvement, characteristic small town development, take enhances the cities and countryside power supply ability and the power supply reliability as the core, the reasonable optimization matches changes the Taiwan area topology, uses the crystalless alloy transformer, the accent positively allows the transformer and so on to conserve energy the new technology, the new equipment, simultaneously renovates small cities, the countryside electrical network safety hidden danger validly, promotes the countryside using electricity level and the quality with all one's strength, reduces the city and countryside difference.

The cultivation construction core village, is the thorough implementation plans the city and countryside development plan, the comprehensive advancement socialism new rural reconstruction, speeds up the advancement new urbanization an important strategic decision. For two years, the country network Zhejiang electric power accumulates in 3014 core village newly built 35 kilovolt transformer substation 2, newly built and transforms 35 kilovolt line 30 kilometers, 10 kilovolt line 1352 kilometers, the minimum pressure line 3254 kilometers, matches changes 1558, amounts to 561,000 volt-amperes, transformation household table 240,000 newly built with the transformation distribution transformer capacity. Up to present, Zhejiang transforms in the area the core village electrical network power supply reliability to achieve 99.931%, the comprehensive voltage qualified rate 99.997%, the average per household matched the varying capacity to achieve 4.21 kilovolt amperes, these three data, the requirement which proposed compared to the country is higher than 0.008 percentage point, 0.447 percentage point and 1.81 kilovolt amperes separately.

According to the predict that the Zhejiang new urbanization and the beautiful village construction will drive the agricultural network to use electricity the demand swift growth, the township dwellers live use electricity the growth potential to be big, but the different industrial structure, the different level of development's cities use electricity the demand increased range to vary, the difference is obvious. Therefore, besides completes the core village electrical network transformation task which the country network company issues, the country network Zhejiang electric power has analyzed the Zhejiang power supply reliability and the developed country difference earnestly, implements in new cities and in the beautiful village electrical network construction take the reliability as the core distribution network plan idea. According to different type cities and village development medium and long-term energy need, carrying out variation power supply model. At the same time, carries out the green person in view of the Zhejiang new urbanization and the beautiful village construction to occupy, the clean energy present situation vigorously, develops the driving distribution network positively, acts as circumstances permit to carry out the simple practical power distribution automation, supports each kind of new energy the access and takes, enhances the distribution network compatibility, meets the wisdom cities development need. Responds the Zhejiang provincial party committee provincial government to summon positively that advances the entire province 1191 small cities conditions comprehensive improvement work firmly, formulates three to pay attention to the policing method, establishes the persistent effect control mechanism, argues vigorously treats the symptoms and the causes makes the living conditions which the entire province people artistic occupy suitably.

Matches the network after two years to transform upgrades, the Zhejiang entire province agriculture network user power supply reliability achieves 99.8288%, the annual mean power cut time is 15 hours. Among them, the core village user annual mean power cut time is 6 hours. Entire province agriculture network synthesis voltage qualified rate 99.995%, with city network voltage qualified rate quite.

The new round agricultural network transforms the upgrade to let the beautiful village be more beautiful. In recent years, the Zhejiang thorough implementation “thousand villages demonstrated ten thousand village improvements” the project, the village topology shape optimize gradually, the basic collective services sped up the popularization, improved the country dweller to occupy the environmental condition validly, promoted the rural economy society circle development, the city and countryside infrastructure difference also getting smaller. The astute native of Zhejiang starts using the ecology resources superiority to develop the village traveling, develops the countryside new economy.

The Hangzhou great diameter mountain ecology area advantageous natural condition has become the village advertisement, is attracting many peripheral urban tourists, also leads the local tradition the system tea, the villagers living standard enhances unceasingly. “following is to supplies power a higher demand.”Diameter mountain power supply service station stationmaster summer Red Army said that in 2016, the Yuhang Electric power company in the great diameter mountain zone newly built 35 kilovolt line two chapters of 14.1 kilometers, increases 35 kilovolts hosts changes successively, transforms 10 kilovolt line 19 kilometers, transforms low final item on a theatrical program area 33, the accumulation investment fund 97,550,000 Yuan.

The new round agricultural network transforms the upgrade to let the characteristic small town development be steadier. Develops the village traveling, becomes the Zhejiang agriculture supplies side constitutive property reform a success exploration. But characteristic small town construction, is an industrial reforming which Zhejiang explores upgrades the new pathway.

The Zhejiang characteristic small town construction pays great attention the market resource and small town resource docking, bootstraps the innovation essential factor to gather positively in the characteristic small town. In Zhejiang's 106 provincial level characteristic small town, has the yuyao mold guest small town, the Ninghai intelligence automobile small town shoulders like this grows swiftly and violently, the electrical energy quality requirement high industry characteristic small town, also has Zhu Jiajian the imperial sacrifices Italy small town, the Ouhai life and health small town such traveling industry characteristic small town, these characteristic small town is becoming the Zhejiang steady growth, the accent structure, the strong innovation important carrier gradually. The country network Zhejiang electric power defers to “a town plan”, makes a set for each characteristic small town exclusively most appropriate for to use electricity the plan, guarantees the small town electric power supply.

Next step, the country network Zhejiang electric power will continue take to construct the first-class distribution network as a goal, further sharpens the agricultural network power supply ability and the power supply reliability, intelligent electrical network technologies and so on power distribution automation extends the application to the agricultural network, implements the agricultural network multiplication load and the clean energy entire capacity admission, constructs the city and countryside overall plan securely diligently, reliable, the economy highly effective, the technological advance, the conditions friendly, the modern countryside distribution network which adapts with the affluent society. (Reporter Xu Jun samarium)

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