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Transformer Active Part Assembly Stand



This machine is the special equipment for the active part assembly of an amorphous metals distribution transformer (AMDT) and can be used for the assembly of the oil-immersed and dry-type AMDT of various specifications. It has changed the traditional technology of manufacturing the active part of AMDT, placing the winding on the lifting platform of the assembly station, where the winding axis is horizontal and each single box core pulls through the inner bore of the winding and then completes a series of processes on the assembly platform including the core folding, wrapping and closing, the machine body insulation assembly and the clamps fastening, during which the assembly station can easily adjust the position height so as to meet the different assembly requirements at different steps. The movement mechanism of the machine mainly adopts the hydraulic system which is characteristics of stable lifting, simple regulation and sufficient power and so on.


2.1 The erecting stage elevating mechanism uses the hydraulic system to include: The oil pump, the electrical machinery, each category of pipe accessory and so on, use Taiwan original part, combines the module mode, had guaranteed system's redundant reliability, the low noise, do not have divulging. Fixed system working pressure 10 Mpa. Selects the heavy-duty hose joint method, secure simple.
2.2 Sets the great size moving platform (1350×850 mm), satisfies supports movements respectively and so on organization, sliding table installment needs the space. At the same time, leaves leeway the enough allowance, is advantageous carries on the support operation job.
2.3 The left and right glide receives material platform's shifting mechanism, uses the straight line guide rail type of drive, the bearing power strong, the operation facile, the localization is accurate. Receives the material platform to be possible to do rises and falls the trimming, the regulation band100 millimeters, may satisfy the operation requirements. The trimming organization has set the surface bearing, reduces when the heavy load adjusts operation intensity.
2.4 The before and after two stationary platforms set the guide screw vice-transmission system separately, enters through the shaking handwheel operation stationary platform, draws back. After platform come on the line position, moves the handle to be possible to lock the platform.
2.5 On the erecting stage left and right has set the help localization pressure depending on the organization, uses in pressing depending on the body length direction both sides winding, the ferrite core, simultaneously has the secure insurance function. Uses the guide screw vice-transmission structure, the single pressure depending on the organization effective travel is500 millimeters.
2.6 The electricity component uses France“Si Naide” the company product, the reliability is high.

 Technical Specifications

3.1 Operational height           H=900mm
3.2 Adaptation assembler body[outlook] parameter area;
n Length; L = 700 -1600 mm
n Width; B =360 -700 mm
n Altitude; H =400-900 mm
3.3 Lift table load-bearing[fixed];    W=8000 Kg
3.4 Lift table power stroke;        S=600 mm
3.5 Fluctuation speed;              V=40 mm/s [speed may demand must move decides]
3.6 Hydraulic pressure working pressure[fixed];  P=21 Mpa
3.7 Working voltage;              AC 380 V three-phase five
3.8 Complete machine power:              3KW
3.9 Complete machine weight:                    W = 2000 KG

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