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Lives the common electric power knowledge

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The three-phase AC is three alternating current combinations, the frequency is the same, is only phase each other differs 120
Between base line and neutral axis voltage named phase voltage (between live wire and zero curve)
Between two base line voltage named line voltages. (between live wire and live wire)
In our country daily electric circuit, the phase voltage is 220V, the line voltage is 380V
In the ordinary circumstances red is the live wire, the blue color is the zero curve, the black is the grounding. .
Live wire and zero curve difference
The live wire and the zero curve are the charged lines, if the two phase power source has met with electric appliance, then has the electric current from the electric wire average
The feeling fire generally has taped the electricity, is if because the human contacted (including some mediate contacts) the live wire, part of electric currents passed through from person's body, was just like the original water tube, has influentialled a water cock from among. The zero curve not charged is because power source's another end (zero curve) has met, we in ground contact zero curve time, because does not have the potential difference, will not form the electric current. Therefore has the zero curve not charged feeling. The zero curve and the live wire are originally come out by the power source, the electric current direction is by one, passes through the peripheral device, enters from another end. Forms a return route. The zero curve and the live wire difference was power source's two post one has met the earth
Zero curve and grounding difference
1. zero curves and grounding these two are the different concepts, is not the identical.
2. grounding's above earth potentials are zero. Use electric appliance's perigee earth.
3. zero curve's above earth potentials not necessarily are zero. The zero curve recent ground point is in the transformer substation or the power supply transformer place.
sometimes 4. zero curves meet the electricity person, when? When your electricity stove does not have a fever, do not not think the electricity, not the electricity person, wrong! Has the possibility to have such possibility, has separated very much to yours electric appliance Yuan's place N line, will detect with a voltmeter quantity, electric appliance's LN line will be the city electricity voltage!
5. grounding not electricity person, only if the very bad situation, the designer will not understand, or Hu will make do product!
6. has the zero curve and the grounding words in yours electric circuit, you will detect that will have a high pressure resistance electric capacity among them.

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