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Layer Insulation Folded Machine



Layer insulation folded machine is mainly used for the edge folding of the transformer coil layer insulation paper, so that an end insulation structure can be formed on the two sides edges of the layer insulation, improving the mechanical strength and winding efficiency of the coil and lowering the material costs.

Technical Specifications

2.1. Insulating paper volume specification     In hole:PHI 76 mm
                         Outer diameter:<= PHI 400 mm
2.2. After the formation, paper volume specification   In hole:PHI 76 mm
                          Outer diameter:<= PHI 400 mm
2.3. Insulating paper width      160 mm - 700 mm
2.4. Insulating paper thickness      0.10 mm - 0.21 mm
2.5. Flanging layer        4 Level (including lower level altogether 5 Level)
2.6. Flanging width        7 mm / 10 mm (standard)
2.7. Working efficiency
Flanging formation speed     0 - 20 M/min (frequency conversion stepless speed regulation)
Cutting tool outer diameter         PHI 84 mm
Cutting tool quantity         8 Piece
2.8. Power equipment
Electric power           2.2 KW
Electricity Source             Three-phase four  380V 50Hz
Being mad Source             Gas consumption0.1 M ⊃3; /min
Being mad Tube            PVC Tube (or nylon tube ) Outer diameterPhi 10
2.9. The complete machine occupies a land area of the position;   5 M * 2 M * 1.1M

 Technical drawing

Level insulation folding machine 3

1) unwinding unit         2 ) guiding arrangement         3 ) pinhole formation installment           4 ) flanging channel
5) profiling installment         6 ) tows the installment         7 ) receives compositions and so on volume installment           8 ) compositions and so on electric system and pneumatic system.

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