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HV Automatic Wire Winding Machine



GZR - 3A series automatic wire winding machine is composed of the winding host machine, automatic winding displacement device, layer insulation supply device, two–head tension adjustable device, pneumatic system, PLC control and servo system etc. It is provided with a high automation, complete function and strong power and so on, ensuring the axial compactness and tightness of the coil winding. It is applicable to all kinds of transformer coil windings, especially for the winding of the rectangular coil of amorphous transformer.


1. The machine adopts the hard gear mechanical transmission system with high efficiency and low noise.
2. The motor is provided with a braking function, high sensitivity and reliability.
3.  The frequency control of motor speed is adopted by the electric, where the frequency converter controls the brake, so the starting and braking slope can be preset to be in the best condition for winding.
4.  The frequency control of motor speed is provided with a wide range and the speed regulation is accurate and stable. 
5.  It is provided with the automatic wire ordering function. A dedicated line is set up to get the automatic winding displacement and winding synchronized.
6.  It adopts the servo motor and PLC control system, ball screw driving and linear ball screw rail to reach accurate winding displacement.
7.  The automatic cable pitch can be conveniently set according to different cable gage before winding. In the winding process, the possible errors can be manually fine adjusted to ensure that the coil is tight and compact.
8. The rotary control box is placed on the upper part of the chassis, which is easy to use and displays clearly. 

Technical Specifications

 Parameter  GZR-3A Type
 Spindle height                     (mm)  850
 Axial length (max)                 (mm)  750
 Working torque (max)             (N/m)  600
Winding speed                    (r/min)  0-200
 Speed adjustable mode  Frequency conversion velocity modulationFrequency control
 Applicable working
 Out diameter      (mm)  <=600
 Inner diameter    (mm)  >=80
 Axial Height   (mm)  <=500
 Weight             (kg)  <=300
Applicable wire
 Shape  Round & Rectangular
 Width             (mm)  0.4-10
Type  Enamel & Paper Covered
 Total Power (Kw)  4
 Total Weight (kg)  1600
 Outline dimension of the machine  2300 x 1300 x 1100


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