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Foil Coil Winding Machine



BRJ series foil coil winding machine is for winding foil type coils in transformer and electric apparatus.
Foil coils use copper or aluminum foils of different thickness as conductors, and broad strap type insulation materials as interlaminar insulation; narrow strip type insulation materials as terminal insulation. They are winded to be roll type coils. Also, the inside and outside down-leads will be welded and the outer surface will be wrapped. So, each function of the equipment can provide sufficient support to the manufacturing of foil coils which comply with the specification requirements. The machine is the necessary equipment for producing the components of this kind of electrical products.


1.   The equipment actuating mechanism adopts the pneumatic component control other   than the motor, avoiding the phenomenon of hydraulic oil leakage;
2.   The welding system adopts the imported linear guide rail and ball screw;
3.   It adopts the photoelectric servo motor to control the planes of the coil face with fast response;
4.   The electrical appliances of the machine are controlled by PLC with frequency control.
5.   Tension adjustment can be made on the control panel on demand

 Technical drawing

The foil winding circles sieze the opportunity 2

1. unwinding coilers           2. Feeding transmission device     3. Presses the wool installment     4. Dust collector     5. Nearby light electric control
6. end insulation unwinding unit   7. Shearing mechanism         8. Welding plant     9. Coiler       10. Ex-denning car
11. insulation unwinding units   12. Corrects an error to install

 Technical Specifications

 Parameter  BRJ-800  BRJ-1100  BRJ-1400
 No. of foil layers  1  2  2
 Foil width               (mm)  150-800  200-1050  300-1400
 Coil O.D. (max)     (mm)  800  800  1000
 Foil thickness          (mm) Al  0.5-3  0.5-2  0.5-2
Co  0.3-2  0.3-1.6  0.5-1.6
 Winding speed         (r/min)  0-15  0-15  0-15
 Max. tension               (N)  10-15000  20-20000  20-30000
 Welding mode  TIG, automatic
 Welding speed        (m/min)  0-1  0-0.7  0-0.7
 Rectifying precision      (mm)  ±0.5  ±0.5  ±0.5
 Outline dimension of the machine  


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