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Amorphous Alloy Metals Core Automatic Cutting Line



The amorphous alloy metals automatic cutting line is mainly used for the automatic cutting and automatic stacking of the amorphous alloy transformer core and also is applicable to the processing requirements of similar process.


1. The decoiler is reasonable in structure, mechanical driven independently, adopts frequency stepless speed regulation, and has the function of automatic tracking control. Three sets of decoiler can be operated separately, also can be used for linkage together with cutting and automatic stacking system.
2. AC servo system is applied to realize preset length feeding with high accuracy.
3. High-power servo motor is applied to the shears that completes the shearing action through speed change mechanism and crankshaft connecting rod mechanism; carbide alloy cutter has long lifetime.
4. Operation terminal of advanced touch screen is used for human-machine conversation, convenient for setting parameters, defining and saving sheet shapes, and monitoring operation of the production line.
5. The production line has simple and reasonable structure; adoption of a great deal of standard parts makes it easy to maintain and upgrade the equipment.

Technical drawing

The crystalless alloy ferrite core cuts tangent 2 automatedly

 Technical Specifications

 Parameter  FTJ-I/2000
 Decoiler   Weight (max)  (kg)  1000
 Out diameter of materials (max) (mm)  1200
 Center height (mm)  900
 Inner diameter of materials (mm)  360-430
 Decoil speed (rpm)  0-50
 Applicable working (corerange  Window height (mm)  150-850
 Window width (mm)  30-450
 Stack thickness (mm)  25-130
 Shearing width (mm)  140-220
 Effective length of stacking table (mm)  2000
 Shearing length  (mm)  300-3000
 Shearing thickness (mm)  Thickest15, each0.025mm
 Max. 15 layers, 0.025 each
 Shearing angle  9
 Shearing angle accuracy  ±0.5°
 Stacking positioning error (mm)  ±0.5
 Shearing length accuracy (mm)  ±0.5
 Feeding speed (m/min)  5-80
 Shearing speed (Pcs/min)  0-30 (Relevant to length)
 Power (Kw)  10
 Power supply  Three-phase five380V 50Hz
 3phase, 5lines, 380V 50Hz
 Compressed air consumption (M3/min)  0.3
 Total area (LxWxH)  (mm)  12000x2000x2200


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