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Amorphous Alloy Core


Product Description

Amorphous alloy core is made of a new kind of energy - saving material which called amorphous alloy ribbon.The ribbon consists of iron, silicon, boron, carbon and other alloying elements, through rapid chilling solidification process, the physical condition of the metal atoms are arranged disordered。Compared with traditional magnetic materials, amorphous ribbon has high saturation magnetic induction, high resistivity, low loss and so on.

Product Features

1.The three - phase and five - column amorphous alloy core is suitable to produce Dyn11 connection group transformer.
2. Advanced distributed stack structure is adopted in the core connector design, where the size E is at least 7% less than that of the commonly used amorphous core in the current market, which effectively reducing the overall size of the transformer.

The excitation power of amorphous alloy core is lower, which can reduce the running noise of transformer .

Model implication


Outline Drawing

Crystalless alloy ferrite core 6

A Window height
B window width
C Stack thickness
D Core height
E=1.18C Joint thickness;


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