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Amorphous Alloy Core Combined Transformer


Product Description

The Amorphous Alloy Core Combined Transformer also called American Box Transformer, can penetrate into the load center and transform the network voltage into system required voltage to realize power transmission and distribution.
Full sealed structure is adopted to protect insulating oil and insulating dielectric from air pollution.With compact overall structure,easy maintenance, it is widely used in urban and residential areas.


Product Feature

1.Energy saving: The transformer core is made of amorphous alloy, greatly reducing the no- load loss.
2. Safe and reliable: The combined transformer is full sealed and full insulation, without exposed charged components.
3. Reasonable construction: The transformer cabin,high pressure and low pressure chamber is optimized and molded in the factory to simplify the
structure and save the land resources.
4.Easy installation: The transformer can put into operation right after connecting the HV and LV cables.
5. Flexible operation: The transformer can be used for both the looped network and the terminal by changing the load switches.

   Crystalless alloy combined type transformer 3 

Outline darwing

 Elbow cable head
 High voltage load switch
 Oil thermometer
 Oil level indicator 
 Pressure indicator
 Plug-in fuse
 Non-excited tapping switch
 Pressure release valve
 low-voltage outlet terminal


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